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Grow With Us

Summers are Better Together

The Concord Freedom Summer School (Pre K – Middle School) immerses young people in the stories, traditions, and power of Black histories – and makes room for them to imagine a new world, all while cultivating a love for reading.

Years Together
People Involved

Ten Freedom School Summers* by the Numbers:

25 Concord Vacation Bible School Scholars = 250 pre-K and Kindergarten children immersed in the stories of faith and people; and ready to excel in school

65 Concord Freedom School Scholars = 650 elementary, middle, and high school students finding their voices and learning the skills to create change in their communities.

21 Concord-funded Summer Jobs for Servant Leader Interns = 210 summer jobs for high school students, college Servant Leaders

20 Book Titles, 480 Books = 4,800 books added to home libraries.

A magical number of volunteers
A mystical measure of donated snacks and water
A generous offering of art supplies & water

*2009 – 2019

Your support of Freedom School fuels the creation of a world worthy of of our children’s hopes and dreams. To learn more about this ministry – email