Authentic worship and excellent service
Concord Church is a place where God is glorified in worship and magnified in all that we do.


Strong social justice and caring ministries
Concord Chruch invests its time and respurces in joining the Holy Spirit in the transformation of people's lives, working to redeem and liberate God's people.


Radical and contagious discipleship and evangelism
Concord Church works to edify and build up the Body of Christ; to care for the disciples of Jesus Christ in ways that make the difference; and, to open our doors, go out and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the world.


Leadership Development
Concord Church equips and develops new leaders to serve this present age - and prepares the next generation for disciplship.


Holy Stewardship
Concord Church will steward ourselves, our gifts and resources for God; we will steward sacred and special place - our church home - as a place for transformational worship, hospitable refuge, holy service, the liberating fellowship of friends and a place of peace.